Dress Code

It is intended that suitable high standards of dress be maintained. Accordingly, the following regulations concerning the standards of uniform and civilian dress and the occasions for their wear are to be adhered to by all Members and their guests.




Men - Mess dress or black tie
Women - Mess dress or evening gown

On occasions when formal dress is the standard, the wearing of mess kits is limited to currently serving Officers. Retired officers may wear their miniture decorations with civilian formal dress.
Men - Service dress (No. 3 with jacket or sweater as specified) or lounge (business) suit
Women - Service dress (No. 3 with jacket or sweater as specified) or cocktail dress/equivalent
Men - Service dress-of-the-day, suit or sports jacket/blazer. Tie, ascot or turtleneck are all acceptable
Women - Service dress-of-the-day or dress/skirt/slacks as appropriate




Men - Service dress-of-the-day or slacks (presentable jeans are acceptable) and open neck shirt/golf shirt, with or without sweater, or in the summer Bermuda type shorts
Women - Service dress-of-the-day or dress/skirt/slacks/shorts as appropriate.
Men - Service dress-of-the-day, slacks (jeans or shorts are not acceptable) and open neck shirt with collar/golf shirt with collar, with or without sweater or sports jacket/blazer.
Women - Service dress-of-the-day or dress/skirt/slacks as appropriate (jeans or shorts are not acceptable).
Sports gear or other relaxed dress may be authorized by the PMC for specific

Casual dress is authorized throughout the periods that Winter/Summer dress regulations are in effect, except as noted below. The privilege of wearing jeans is not to be abused; they must not be frayed, tattered, have holes, decals, or other accoutrements.
Dress for specific functions, other than casual dress, will be promulgated in the calendar or the function flyer. Informal dress is encouraged for Sunday dinner, although casual dress may be worn (except no jeans).
Outerwear, backpacks, and headdress are to be removed and placed in the cloak rooms upon entrance into the mess.
With all orders of dress, clean and presentable footwear is required.
Members shall ensure that their guests' dress is in accordance with appropriate Mess standards.