CFB Esquimalt Officers' Mess
Wardroom / Gunroom
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Wardroom Constitution


*$18.56/mo for 65+



Ordinary Members are:
  • with the exception of officers who are Ordinary Members of other messes), Regular or Reserve Force (Class B & C) Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officers posted to CFB Esquimalt or its integral shore/lodger units and those on Temporary/Attached Duty in excess of 14 days; or
  • Armed Forces officers of other countries who are on exchange with or on loan to the CAF.
Associate Members may be:
  • Retired, honourably released Regular Force officers entitled to annuity or Reserve Force officers with 10 years accumulated Class B/C service;
  • Working DND civilian employees of officer status employed at CFB Esquimalt or its integral shore/lodger units and officers of the Supplementary List, Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC), or Canadian Rangers; or
  • Social and admitted to membership upon the recommendation of the Mess Committee and the majority vote of those present at an Annual General Mess meeting (AGM).



Honorary Members include:
  • All CAF Reg/Res F officers who are not Ordinary or Associate Members of the Mess;
  • Any distinguished persons for a term not to exceed one year, upon recommendation of the Mess Committee, a majority vote of those present at the AGM and approval of the Base Commander;
  • Serving members of the Armed Forces Liaison Committee (AFLC), Honorary Captains (Navy) and Colonels, and sponsors of HMC Ships; and
  • Surviving spouses of Ordinary and Associate Members.
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