CFB Esquimalt Officers' Mess
Wardroom / Gunroom
About us
The NADEN Wardroom is conveniently located in the heart of CFB Esquimalt and a 10-minute drive/bus ride (Victoria Regional Transit System Bus #15) from downtown Victoria. Guests will appreciate the variety of nearby for dining, shopping and activities.
15 years of Excellent Service
Opened in 2000, the NADEN Wardroom is a non-public entity for social and professional use by Canadian Armed Forces officers, their guests, and guests of Maritime Forces Pacific.
Membership privileges are also offered to retired military officers, Public Service Commission of Canada employees with officer status, and distinguished civilians in the surrounding community.
Embody the traditions and ethos of the Canadian Armed Forces and Naval Officer Corps and elicits camaraderie among the MARPAC Formation Officers, their families and guests within the Pacific Maritime Environment.
Promote esprit de corps and comradeship among MARPAC Formation Officers by providing entertainment, services and amenities in a welcoming environment to all members, their families and guests. The Naden Wardroom will foster the traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces, in particular the customs and traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy.
Provide an inviting and relaxing facility; maintain and teach the traditions and customs of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Navy; provide affordable, quality events for the entertainment of members; and provide a suitable facility to host official functions.